domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2020

Canciones de amor y droga

Foto: Peter Gravelle

Gene Vincent - Crazy Beat
Heavy Lungs - (A bit of a) Birthday
Sleaford Mods feat. Billy Nomates - Mork 'N Mindy
Thurston Moore - Hashish
Thurston Moore - Cantaloupe
The Young Gods - I'm The Drug
Barry White Gone Wrong - Glamour Road
Micachu and The Shapes - Relaxing
Chain & The Gang - It's a Hard, Hard Job...
Dredd Foole & The Din - Alone
Breathless - Monkey Talk
Breathless - Smash Palace
Simpletones - I Like Drugs
The Kills - The Void
The Kills - Half Of Us
Siouxie - Into a Swan
Battant - Highway Hopefull
Big Joanie - Cranes In The Sky (Solange)
Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu – Renegade Breakdown
Lou Doillon - Look At Me Now
Johnny Polonski feat. Jane Wiedlin - Summer Soldiers
Imperial Wax - Bromidic Thrills
Arctic Monkeys - Science Fiction
Nicole Atkins - Domino
The Heat Inc. - Your After Love Song
The Tropics Of Cancer - Upside Down (Diana Ross)
Luke Elliot - If You Ask Me Too
Moses Boyd feat. Obongjayar - Dancing In The Dark
Cosmo Vitelli - Converted
Richie Hell - Scatter
DJ Format & The Simonsound - The Peruvian
Dub Pistols - Addict
Maximun Joy - Let It Take You There
Mickey Dagger - Lick Your Wounds
Dillinger - Cocaine In My Brain
Moonchild Sanelly - Thunda Thighs
Mock & Toof - Shoeshine Boogie
Blue Beast - Devil May Care
Fang - The Money Will Roll Right In
Spectres - The Boats
Smoke Fairies - Elevator
Westbam feat. Brian Molko - Sick
Westbam feat. Richard Butler - You Need The Drugs
Hanin Elias - City Lights
Mona Mur - Delinquent
Mona Mur & En Esch - Visions & Lies
Silke Berlinn & The Addictions - City Lover
Beasts Of Bourbon - Chase The Dragon
Pretenders - Precious
Sune Rose Wagner - Let My Baby Ride (R.L. Burnside | Etta)
Sune Rose Wagner - After All
Shellac - Didn't We Deserve...
Black Lips - Drugs
No Sé a Quién Matar - Bacilococo
The Beatles - Happiness Is a Warm Gun
The Long Ryders - Looking For Lewis And Clark
Can - Thief
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Opium Tea
Magazine - You Never Knew Me
Kate Fagan - I Don't Wanna Be Too Cool
Martin Rev - Baby Oh Baby
David Bowie - Always Crashing In The Same Car
Marianne Faithfull - Sister Morphine
Those Poor Bastards - Give Me Drugs
Stereo Total - Methedrine