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Byker, Newcastle

Clydesdale Road, 1971

Young couple in a backyard on a summer's day, 1975

Young woman in Mason Street, 1971

Children in the backlane of Kendal Street, 1971

Heather playing the piano in a derelict house, 1971

William Neilson, St. Lawrence Square, 1971

Christine Grey, Mason Street, 1975

Gillian & Eddie Robson, Mason Street 1975

Mr and Mrs McCartney, Bolam Street, 1975

Mrs. Pauline Scott in her scullery, Mason Street, 1975

Portrait taken in Sirkka's free portrait studio, 1971

Fred in Raby Street backlane, 1971

En los 70s la fotógrafa finlandesa y miembro fundador del colectivo británico Amber, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, realizó un foto-reportaje sobre el área de clase trabajadora de Newcastle (Reino Unido) conocida como Byker, trabajo que amplió en los 80s con una película-documental. Cuatro décadas después de las primeras fotografías volvió a la comunidad, demolidas ya gran cantidad de las casas originales, para volver a retratar la zona y sus habitantes.

In the '70s Finnish photographer and founder member of Amber British collective, Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen, made a photo-reportage in the working class zone known as Byker in Newcastle (U.K.), a work she expanded in the 80s with a documentary film. Four decades after the first pictures she went back to the community, many of the original terrace houses already demolished, with the idea of photographing again the area and its inhabitants.

Byker Wall, Tom Collins House, 2008

David with daughters Kadie and Robyn and Ty-dog, 2008

Asylum seeker family from the Middle East, 2007

Michael, 2005

Lee and Betty, 2006

Gnana and her daughter Kavi, 2003

Colin, 2009

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