miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

Chris Steele-Perkins: England My England

Wolverhampton, Disco, 1978

London, Brixton Reggae Festival, 1974

England Cabaret artist, Nightmare in their garden, 1987

Exercise class in a poor school in Middlesbrough 1975

Indian children playing in the street, England 1978

London boys looking at stereo equipment, Tottenham Court Road, 1980

Busker in a London subway, 1989

Birmingham. Alcoholic living alone with his dog. 1978

Middlesbrough, Party at a community centre, 1975

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, fairground boxing booth, 1969

Punks in a London club, 1978

Swinging on a lampost in West End of Newcastle, 1975

London, The Coach and Horses pub in Brixton, 1978

London, Fruit machine, 1976

London, Lyceum Ballroom, 1976

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Poor couple, 1975

Teddy Boy Weekender in Reading, Peggy Warner with Tattoos, 2002

Bar in Brixton, London 1974

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