viernes, 14 de octubre de 2016

Los retratos neoyorquinos de Louis Faurer

Louis Faurer's New York City portraits

The Gun Club·'Yellow Eyes'
Bill Dodgett·'Honky Tonk pt. 1 & 2'
Clyde McPhatter·'Long Lonely Nights'
Clyde MacPhatter·'Since You've Been Gone'
Dee Clark·'Nobody But You'
Little Bob·'I Got Loaded'
Little Bob·'My Heart Is On Fire'
Monique·'If You Love Me (Show Me)'
Ronnie & Robyn·'As Long As You Love Me'
Faye Adams·'Shake a Hand'
Margie Rayburn·'Make Me Queen Again'
The Shepherd Ssters·'Don't Mention My Name'
The Hollywood Flames·'Buzz Buzz Buzz'
Arthur Prysok·'At Last'
James Ray·'A Miracle'
Buddy & Ella Johnson·'That's How I Feel'
Valerie Carr·'Rockin' Bed'
Noble Watts·'Teen Scene'
Roy C·'Shotgun Wedding'
Sparkle Moore·'Killer'
Sony Burgess·'The Prisoner's Song'
City Wolf·'Where Is My Mind?'  (Pixies)
Pixies·'Wave Of Mutilation [UK Surf]'
Pixies·'Is She Weird'
Ceremony·'Nimrod's Son' (Pixies) 
Violent Femmes·'Kiss Off'
Bizarros·'Young Girls at Market'
Viva Las Vegas·'Duotronic'
Viva Las Vegas·'¿Por qué te escondes del amor?'
Radio Futura·'El Puente Azul'
Radio Futura·'Canción Del Gitano'
Radio Futura·'Noche Del Fuego'
Juan Perro·'La Noche De Fuego'
Gloria Mirabal·'Amo + Se Acabó'
Peggy Seeger·'Henry Lee'
Ben Vaughn·'M-M Motor Vehicle'
Tav Falco's Panther Burns·'Tango Fatale'
Tav Falco's Panther Burns·'Cuban Rebel Girl'