miércoles, 26 de julio de 2017

Música a deshoras

Guy Mitchell·'Ninety Nine Years (Dead Or Alive)'
Johnny Wells·'Lonely Moon'
Teddy McRae·'Hi' Fi' Baby'
Joyce Heath·'I Wouldn't Dream Of It'
Sandford Clark·'A Cheat'
Gill Landry·'Mexico'
Lydia Lunch·'Champagne, Cocaine and Nicotine Stains'
Lydia Lunch·'Nothing But Trouble'
Lydia Lunch·'Potango Tango'
Willie Brown·'Easter Bunny Boogie'
The Rumblers·'I Don't Need You No More'
Jett Powers·'Go Girl Go'
Grady Martin·'The Fuzz'
Daddy Cleanhead & Chuck Higgins Band·'Something's...'
Ray Stanley·'I Can't Wait'
Frankie Lee Sims·'Walking with Frankie'
Smiley Lewis·'Someday You'll Want Me'
Kip Tyler·'She's My Witch'
LaVern Baker·'Voodoo Voodoo'
Dave Bartholomew·'The Monkey'
Lou Rawls·'Dead End Street'
Andre Williams·'Only Black Man In South Dakota'
"Kevin" Garnet Mimms·'A Quiet Place'
Bunny Berigan and His Orchestra·'I Can't Get Started'
Duane Eddy & Lee Hazlewood·'The Girl On Death Row'
Jim Bianco·'To Hell With The Devil'
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band·'Devils Look Like Angels'
Jump Back Jake·'The Flood'
Keith Hudson·'Civilisation'
Keith Hudson·'Too Expensive'
Keith Hudson·'Smoking'
Angel·'Driving (Down)'
Karen Marks·'Cold Café'
Josephine Foster·'Blue Roses'
French Vanilla·'Carrie'
Moss Lime·'Ice Cream Sandwiches'
Glorious Strangers·'Move it time'
Jessy Bulbo·'Maldito'
Jessy Bulbo & Charlie Montana·'Hipócrita'
The Only Ones·'Why Don't You Kill Yourself?'
The Only Ones·'The Big Sleep'
The Modern Lovers·'Someone I Care About'
Erase Errata·'Dust'
Jennifer Gentle·'Telephone Ringing'
Alan Vega·'Video Baby'
Iggy Pop·'Fire Engine'
The Young Gods·'Kissing The Sun'
The Young Gods·'I'm the Drug'
Killing Joke·'Pssyche'
Taiwan Housing Project·'Veblen Death Mask'
The Fall·'Living Too Late'
The Fall·'R.O.D.'
The Fall·'Hotel Bloedel'
Khan feat. Julee Cruise·'Say Goodbye'
The Nation Of Ulysses·'N.O.U. Cooking With Gas'
Wayne Newton·'Danke Schoen'
Wayne Newton - Danke Schoen (1968) Live