viernes, 14 de enero de 2022

El programa de la Poulou


Eleni Poulou fue, durante casi un par de décadas, teclista, co-vocalista y ocasional compositora de los inclasificables The Fall y estuvo casada con su peculiar líder, Mark E. Smith. Desde entonces, como antes, solo se le conocen algunas colaboraciones experimentales. Mantiene un programa de radio en Cashmere Radio, donde, además de abordar otros asuntos, suele poner música que responde a su gusto ecléctico y muy particular. Abajo una selección de lo que ha sonado en algún momento en su programa.
Eleni Poulou was, for almost a couple of decades, keyboardist, co-vocalist and occasional composer for the unclassifiable The Fall and was married to their peculiar leader, Mark E. Smith. Since then, as before, she was involved in a few experimental collaborations. She hosts a radio show on Cashmere Radio, where in addition to other issues she usually chooses music that responds to her eclectic and very particular taste. Below a selection of what she plays in that show.

Zen-Faschisten - Acid Head
KRS-One - Knock Em Out
The Leather Nun - Gimme Gimme Gimme (Abba)
Skinned Teen - Ex-Boyfriend Beat
Adult Entertainment - Lick (If You Like The Line)
Vital Idles - Cave Raised
Friends Of Gas - Selber Keine
Easter Monkeys - Cheap Heroin
Sharhabeel Ahmed - Argos Farfish
Jetstream Pony - Yellow Pills
Sweadish Magazines - Ghost At The Party
By The Sea - Youth
Captain Beefheart - Moonlight On Vermont
Edan - Sing It, Shitface
Jeans Team - Moara Mea
David Gold - City Police
Bunny Brains - On The Floor Again