lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

Nápoles por Herbert List

Naples by Herbert List

Hair Salon on the Street, 1961

Boys in Donkey Stable, 1949

Conference Over a Vat, 1961

Playing Soccer in the Streets, 1959

Selling Furniture in the Street, 1959

Two Boys on Floor, 1960

A Close Shave at the Stable, 1949

Aunt Returns from America, 1961

Gennaro Barattolo, 1961

Haunted House at a Fair, 1955

La Chiesa del Prugatorio, 1961

La Nonna, 1961

Little Boy with a Chair, 1960

Newspaper Seller at Galleria, 1960

Playing Ball in an Entrance, 1959

Stacking Tins on the Street, 1961

Stairs to Maria della Catena Church, 1961

Laundry, 1938


The Lounge Lizards·'Tarantella'