lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Steven Rubin

Roger, 1982

Ann and her kids before daddy left town for good, 1990

Bubba and his great uncle 'Six Pack' Sammy, 1990

Earnie tinkering, 1983

Grandma Rosie's kitchen, 1983

Gregory and his cousin Lauri Ann, 1983

Heading back to Rosie's place, 1983

Liza and her uncle Kendall going to the swimming hole, 1990

Merton and Meryl and their dobermans, 1990

Rick comforts Hal, 1994

Tracy and her cat, 1991

Fotografías de Steven Rubin en sus estancias temporales en una comunidad rural de Maine a lo largo de tres décadas.
Photos by Steven rubin while his temporary stays in a rural community in Maine along three decades.

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