lunes, 2 de julio de 2012

Los adolescentes según Roger Mayne

Teenagers by Roger Mayne

Teddy Boys Group, North Kensington 1956

Girls gambling, Southam Street 1956

Girls Jiving, Richmond Jazz Festival 1962

Girls, Chatting, Islington 1963

Girls, Teenage Night, Parkhill, Sheffield 1961

Hey mister take my picture, Southam Street 1956

Mods and Scooters, Brixton 1963

Teddy Boy and Girl, Petticoat Lane 1957

Two Girls, Soho Fair 1958

Boys Smoking, Portland Road, North Kensington 1956

Girl jiving, Southam Street 1957

Girl Jiving in a Pub, Birmingham 1964

Rockers crossing the road, Brixton 1963

Teddy Boys, North Kensington 1956

Teddy Girls, Battersea Fun Fair 1956


Danny White·'The Twitch'
Shirley & Lee·'The Flirt'

"Las cosas se descubren a través de los recuerdos que de ellas se tienen. Recordar una cosa significa verla por primera vez", Cesare Pavese, 'El Oficio de Vivir': "Things are revealed through the memories we have of them. Remembering a thing means seeing it—only then—for the first time."