martes, 6 de agosto de 2013

Música ambiental de bandas sonoras para una noche de verano

Ambient soundtracks mix for a summer night


Vangelis - Bicycle Riders - Blade Runner OST
Francois Tetaz - Talimnavi - Wolf Creek OST
Cliff Martinez - Something To Do - Narc OST
Howard Shore - Happy Birthday, Nicolas - The Game OST
Ennio Morricone - Humburt On The Hillside - Lolita OST
Michael Nyman - Laura's Theme/Laura's Dream - Enemy Zero OST
Carl Rudolph Stargher - The Cell OST
Thomas Newman - White Oleander - White Oleander OST
John Murphy - Mercury - Sunshine OST
Michael Andrews - Whoever You Want Him To Be - Cypher OST
Mychael Danna - Gun Culture - Breach OST
Mychael Danna - N.Y. Reading - Capote OST
James Newton Howard - 25 Dollars Worth - Michael Clayton OST
Johnny Greenwood - Prospectors Arrive - There Will Be Blood OST
The Free Association - Dreaming On A Train - Code 46 OST
Michael Convertino - Facing the Child - We Don't Live Here Anymore OST
James Horner - Playing A Game of Go - A Beautiful Mind OST
Michael Nyman - Henry - The End Of The Affair OST
Thomas Newman - Week Eight Days - Up Close And Personal OST
Cliff Martinez - What Shoe Size? - Wicker Park OST
John Murphy - The Last Message - Sunshine OST

[micko35 - Resident Advisor]