sábado, 10 de mayo de 2014

El archivo fotográfico de la Policía de Los Ángeles

Morgue, Man with floral tattoo around nipple, 1945.

Female assault victim exposing bruises, 1944.

Mug-shot, woman in high collar fur coat, 1936.

Female assault victim with floral applique on dress, 1943.

Male assault victim with bandaged upper lip, 1943.

Mug-shot, hobo, 1934.

Shoes, arm and knife, 1950.

Detail of fingerprints on gun, 1930.

Bank robbery note, 1965.

Police vehicle with bullet holes, onlookers in background, 1932.

Detail of two bullet holes in car window, 1942.

Menu writing on store front, Black Panther raid, 1969.

768 S. Vermont, jewelry store hold-up, 1932.

Ballistics test, 1956.

Painting on wall with bullet holes, 1932.

Mob hit, 1933.

Bridge over LA River, 1955.

503 N. Plymouth, dead man in trench-coat, 1926.

Actress Thelma Todd, 1935.

Watts riots, Tap City, 1965.

Felony vehicle stop in Elysian Park, training, 1964.

Man in car with a gun on the seat, 1961.

L.A. Police Department Archives

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