lunes, 23 de marzo de 2015

Bill Perlmutter

A Kiss on the Hand, Paris, 1956

Boy With Toe in the Sand, Portugal, 1956

Carriage and Broom, Germany, 1955

Dancing on the Beach, Portugal, 1956

Father and Son on a Bench, Spain, 1956

Father and Two Children, Germany, 1955

Four Gypsy Children, Spain, 1956

Four Men and a Painting, Italy, 1956

Front Side and Rear, Spain, 1956

G.I. Cigarettes, Germany, 1955

Grandmother and Child, Spain, 1956

Man With Dark Glasses, Italy, 1956

Nitrato do Chile, Portugal, 1956

Old Couple in the park, Paris, 1955

Open Wide, Germany, 1955

School Boys, Italy, 1956

Street Musicians, Paris, 1955

Umbrella Boy, Italy, 1956

Waiting for the Weather to Clear, Portugal, 1956

Watching the Sea, Portugal, 1956

Woman in Doorway, Spain, 1956

Women and Wagon, Spain, 1956

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