viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2016


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Jack Dracula en un bar de New London, Connecticut, 1961.
Diane Arbus

Wild Style Lion feat. Kim Gordon·'Grey Sedan'
Chicks On Speed·'Mind Your Own Business' (Delta 5)
Ram & Sel·'Screw You'
Ramases & Selket·'Crazy One'  
The Rock-A-Teens·'Woo-Hoo'
Joey Welz·'Come on'
Link Wray·'The Steel Trap'
Link Wray·'Scatter'
The Executioners·'The Guillotine'
The Executioners·'Dead End'
Les Talismans·'L'Interplanetaire'
The Nightmares·'Greyhound' 
Les Jaguars·'Guitare Jet'
Sandy Nelson·'Casbah'
The Electro-Tones·'Ghost Train'
Baron Daemon·'Ghost Guitars'
The Tarantulas·'Tarantula' 
Juke Boy Bonner·'Running Shoes (Down In The Bottom)'
Betty James·'Henry Lee'
Burrie Manso·'My Woman'
Larry Terry·'Hep Cat'
Troy Shondell·'Stop the World (My Baby's Gone)'
Henry Henry·'Hong Kong Mississippi'
Jimmy Witter and The Shadows·'Aaaaahhh!'
Curtis Wilson·'Wanted Dead or Alive'
Nelson Ray·'Walkin' Shoes'
Ann Margret·'Thirteen Men'
Billy Lee·'Down'N'Broke'
Hayden Thompson·'Whatcha Gonna Do'
Nicky Brazell·'Betty Jo'
Rodney & The Blazers·'Oriental Nightmare'
Harold L & The Offbeats·'Three Years'
Shorty Rogers·'The Wild One (Hot Blood)'
The Rondels·'Back Beat No. 1'
The Cyclones·'Bullwhip Rock'
The Human Expression·'Every Night'
The Human Expression·'Sweet Child Of Nothingness' 
The Yardbirds·'For Your Love'
Jimmy Velvet & Gene Pitney·'Take Me Tonight'
Jimmy Velvet·'To The Aisle'

"Esperar a que te encuentren es la cosa más solitaria del mundo", Sarah Linden, 'The Killing': "It's the loneliest thing in the world, waiting to be found."