miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Porque sí

Un buen puñado de canciones
A lot of songs just because

James White and the Blacks (feat. Lydia Lunch)·'Stained Sheets'
The Callas·Lipstick'
The Nipple Erectors·'All The Time in The World'
Crime·'Piss On Your Dog'
Chelsea·'Right To Work'
Pravda·'Tu Es à l'Ouest'
Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons·'Happy Funeral'
Kitchen & The Plastic Spoons·'Ice Cream to God'
Kitchen and The Plastic Spoons·'Liberty'
The Klan·'Cover Girls'
U.S. Bombs·'Monsters'
Die Hunns·'Did You No Wrong' (Sex Pistols)
Die Hunns·'Time Has Come Today' (Chambers Brothers/Ramones)
Duane Peters & The Hunns·'Hate'N'Love'
Eddie and the Subtitles·'American Society'
Black Flag·'Nervous Breakdown'
Black Flag·'Black Coffee'
The Briefs·'Destroy the USA'
GBH·'Self Destruct'
The Wanderers·'Take Them And Break Them'
The Stitches·'Automatic'
The Stitches·'Electroshock Carol'
The Stitches·'Kings Of Camden'
AKA·'Liza Jane' (standard)
CALLmeKAT·'Toxic' (Britney Spears)
Tricky·'Lovecats' (The Cure)
The Sound·'I Can't Escape Myself'
The Go-Betweens·'Karen'
Monochrome Set·'Ici Les Enfants' 
Gaea·'C'est Magnifique'
Bandante·'Bang Bang'
Kira Roessler·'Kill Him'
Suburban Lawns·'Green Eyes'
Dr John·'Zu Zu Mamou'
Sonic Jesus·'Triumph'
Siouxie & The Banshees·'Metal Postcard'
Siouxie & The Banshees·'Mirage'
Agent Orange·'Blood Stains'
The Fall·'Lie Dream Of a Casino Soul'
Buzzcocks·'Oh Shit!'
Gwar·'Have you seen me?'
Nine Inch Nails·'Memorabilia' (Soft Cell)
Shock Headed Peters·'I, Bloodbrother Be'
Shock Headed Peters·'Heartbreak Hotel'
Delta 5 ·'Mind Your Own Business'
Chicks On Speed·'Mind Your Own Business'
Pigface·'Mind Your Own Business'
Stereo Total·'Violent Love'
Cabaret Voltaire·'Nag Nag Nag'
The Anti Troppau Council·'Insanity'
The Passions·'Pedal Fury'
Tenor Saw·'Ring The Alarm'
The Prats·'Disco Pope'
Bona Dish·'8 a.m.'
The Anemic Boyfriends·'Guys Are Not Proud'
Flowers·'After dark'
Amy & The Angels·'I Hate Being In Love'
The Raincoats·'Fairytale In The Supermarket'
Cold Cave·'People Are Poison'
David Bowie·'Killing a Little Time'
Gertrud Stein·'I Can't Dance'
Gertrud Stein·'Panik Attack'
Branes·'Microwave On'
Boots for Dancing·'The Pleasure Chant'
Gang Of Four·'Damaged Goods (Damaged Goods Ep)'
Gang of Four·'Damaged Goods (Entertainment!)'
Icarus·'Tower Block Kid'
Neon Hearts·'Regulations'
Scars·'Je t'aime c'est la mort'
UNIT·'Martin's Gone'
Bill Nelson·'Don't Touch Me I'm Electric'
The Nightingales·'Elvis, the Last Ten Days'
Josef K·'Citizens'
Josef K·'Pictures (of Cindy)'
Caspar Brötzmann Massaker·'Bonker's Dance'
Disturbed Furniture·'Information'
Plastix·'Konsumier Mich'
Au Pairs·'It's Obvious'
Throbbing Gristle·'Almost A Kiss'
Chris & Cosey·'Passion'
Chris & Cosey·'Silent Cry'
Kap Bambino·'Human Piles'
Kap Bambino·'Hunger Texas'
Frustration·'Dying City (Kap Bambino Remix)'
Crystal Castles·'Courtship Dating'
Velvet Condom·'Rouge City'
Vive La Fête·'Noir Désir (J'ai tué... version)'
Vive La Fête·'Titi'
Marie Davidson·'Naive To The Bone'
The Rosebuds·'The Walk' (The Cure)
Comanechi·'Crime Of Love'
Comanechi·'On N On'
Comanechi·'Die For'
Comanechi·'I Wish' 
Sneaks·'True Killer'
Delinquent Habits·'California (Feat. Sen Dog)'
Sam Dees·'Signed Miss Heroin'
Joyella Blade·'Cairo'
Nicodemus·'Suzy Wong'
Chuck Berry·'Almost Grown'
The Diamonds·'The Stroll'
Frankie Ford·'Sea Cruise'
Ivan (Jerry Allison)·'Real Wild Child'
Johnny O'Keefe·'The Wild One'
Jerry Lee Lewis·'Wild One'
Elvis Presley·'Blue Moon Of Kentucky'
Ronnie Dawson·'Rockin' In The Cemetary'
Diana Dors·'So Little Time'
Nancy Sit·'Fever'
Sonny & Cher·'The Beat Goes On'
Mac Curtis·'Blue Jean Heart'
Hoagy Carmichael·'Skylark'
Tito Rodriguez·'Estoy Como Nunca'
Concha Velasco·'Calor'