lunes, 1 de junio de 2020

Mundanal ruido

Marc Almond & Foetus & Anni Hogan - Burning Boats
Middle Class - A Skeleton At The Feast
Buzzcocks - I Can't Control Myself
The Chrome Cranks - Rubber Rat
Speedball Baby - Speedball Petite
Wolfmanhattan Project - Smells like You
Wolfmanhattan Project - You are my glue
Life - Excites me
bdrmm - Happy
New Candys - Mercenary
LCD Soundsystem - Emotional Haircut
LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge
Dorit Chrysler - Sustain me
Anita Lane & Blixa Bargeld - Subterranean World
Dark Carnival - I Died 1000 Times
Patti Smith Group - Ain't It Strange  
Blondie & Robert Fripp - Sister Midnight (Iggy Pop)
Alan Vega - Cry Fire
Moon Duo - Jukebox Babe (Alan Vega)
Moon Duo - The Death Set
L'Épée - Shiny Shiny
Trost - Ducky 
Trost - Halt Die Erde
Primal Scream - Sideman
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Teenage Lust 
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Sugar Ray
Cop Shoot Cop - Cause and Effect 
Soft Cell - Meet Murder My Angel
Soft Cell - L'Esqualita
Malaria! - Trash Me
Magazine - Parade
Barry Adamson - Man With The Golden Arm (Bernstein)
Barry Adamson - Jazz Devil
J Dilla - Take Notice
Pusha T - Numberds on the Boards
Speedball Baby - Three Quarter Man
Speedball Baby - Pimp Hand Strong
Speedball Baby - Suicide Girl 
Ghostpoet - Slow Trot
Tricky - C'mon Baby
Mima - Como en un anuncio
Mima - Damen
Lil Green - Why Don't You Do Right

"La vida es un cuento contado por un idiota, lleno de ruido y de furia, que no significa nada."