viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

Isa Brito

ON THE TOWN - Revelers leaving the Love Ball, 1988

LASHES - Girls arriving at Limelight, 1988

STOCKINGS - Drag Queen backstage at Limelight, 1988

LITTLE MIKE - Actor Michael Anderson at 42nd Street subway

STARCHILD - at his apartment in Chelsea, 1986

TIFFANY - posing in her and Starchild's apartment, 1986

BIANCA - Dancer in dressing room of Pussycat Lounge, 1987

ALEXIS - Tranny posing on East 3rd Street, 1985

THE LOVERS - Tompkins Square Park, 1992

STREET COMFORT - A man poses on West 19th Street, 1990

GRACE - sitting amongst men in Tompkins Square Park, 1990

TRUE LOVE - Couple on corner of Avenue A and 7th Street, 1989

'Passengers' series - Isa Brito

Chet Baker·'Dancing In The Dark'