sábado, 11 de marzo de 2023

Pequeños huracanes

The Coathangers - Hurricane
Ela Minus - Megapunk
Mala Sangre - Fear Is Your Only God
The Orielles - Sugar Tastes Like Salt (Radioactive Man Remix)
Alan Vega - Saturn Drive
UNKLE & Nick Cave - Money and Run
Grinderman - Worm Tamer (UNKLE Remix)
Frustration - Pepper Spray
Frustration & James Williamson (Sleaford Mods) - Slave Markets
Frustration - Worries
Frustration - Oddities
Frustration - Just Wanna Hide
Frustration - Blind
The Vacant Lots - Obsession
The Vacant Lots - Mad Mary Jones
The Vacant Lots - Never Satisfied (Anton Newcombe Remix)
The Vacant Lots - Fracture
The Vacant Lots - Elevation
ADULT. - Untroubled Mind (Bring Me Back)
ADULT. - Second Nature
ADULT. - Perversions of Humankind
ADULT. - This Behavior
Warm Drag - Butch Things (Billy Hamon)
Warm Drag - Hurricane Eyes
Cold Cave - Black Boots
Cold Cave - People Are Poison
Cold Cave - A Little Death to Laugh
Cold Cave - Nothing Is True But You
The Soft Moon - Burn
The Soft Moon - Breathe The Fire
The Soft Moon - Feel
The Soft Moon - Far
Julia Jacklin & RGV - Army Of Me (Björk)
VVV - Destrucción
Pedro Ladroga - Nospheratv
Sevdaliza - Marilyn Monroe
Helado Negro - País Nublado
The Parrots - Soy Peor (Bad Bunny)
Iggy Pop - Comments
Alan Vega - Hammered
Alan Vega - Wild Heart
Alan Vega - Creation
Alan Vega - Viva The Legs
Les Rita Mitsouko - Someone To Love
Degurutieni - Monkey Town
Degurutieni - Shanghai
Desechables - Fiebre (Fever)
Peaches - Johnny (Suicide)